Your Daily Bread- Quiche: Sausage Peppers and Cheddar TOMATO PIE FOCACCIA  Your Daily Bread: Broccoli Cheddar focaccia -- Quiche with Bacon, Cheddar, and Caramelized Onion.
 Cotton candy clouds this morning over Downtown Utica. From your friends at @uticabreadbakery , good morning! #rise #shine #earlybird #autumn #downtown #morning  We got a visit from an angel this morning! A flour angel...  Our day was made and it's only 7 AM!
 Brownie Bites! What do you think... Butterflies or Bow ties? #brownie #triplechocolate #mini #bite #butterfly #bowtie  The French Epi Epi - 'Wheat Stalk' More crust, great for tearing, even better for sharing.#uticabread #madeinutica #traditionalfrench
 Join us today! Whether you're out and about in Downtown Utica, or perusing the Oneida County Public Market, we are here for you! #sunsoutbunsout  Focaccia of the day looks amazing. Aaaand kind of reminds us of that special time of year that is just around the corner!  #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear


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Restaurant Week

RESTAURANT WEEK FEATURES JUNE 10-16, 2016 Morning Deal Brioche Breakfast Sandwich and Large Utica Coffee $6.50 Egg Custard and Cheddar [...]

Easter Pies

Pre-order your pies and cheesecakes today for Easter! Orders will be accepted until Monday March 21! Rhubarb Raspberry Blueberry Key [...]

Updated Winter Hours

As of Saturday, January 2nd 2016, we will transition into our Winter Hours: Monday: 7AM – 5PM Tuesday: 7AM – [...]

Updated Bread Schedule

DAILY BREADS Offered Everyday Baguette Epi Raisin Walnut Ciabatta Italian Sesame Semolina Utica Sourdough Brioche (limited) ROTATING BREADS Schedule subject [...]

Companion – An Etymology

Companion n. – c.1300, from Old French compagnon “fellow, mate, friend, partner” (12c.),from Late Latin companionem (nominative companio), literally “breadfellow, messmate,” from Latin com- “with” (see com- ) + panis “bread”(see food ). Thanksgiving is a time of reflection spent with family and friends. It is a [...]

Thanksgiving Pies

WE’RE MOVIN’ ON UP.- We finally got a piece of the Piii-hah-ie-yiiiiie. And now, so can YOU. Call today to [...]


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