Utica Bread Baguette is the quintessential loaf of French Bread. The word “baguette” was not used to refer to a type of bread until 1920, but what is now known as a baguette may have existed well before that. The word simply means “wand” or “baton”.

Here at Utica Bread, we hang our hat on the baguette. Ours is a masterpiece, the texture is the perfect mix of crisp crust and chewy crumb, and the flavor is rich and bright. The long, slow fermentation is key to the flavor development of our baguette.

Our steam deck oven is really the key to this bread, with a healthy dose of steam at the beginning of the bake, allowing the crust to expand slightly.


Bread Flour, Salt, Yeast, Water


Baguette, Parisian, Demi, Epi

A Simple usage for baguette

Baguette is really the ultimate bread for sharing. Picnics, walks through downtown Utica, or a road trip!  Meant to be torn and shared with a friend. Good butter or Pâté can add to your experience, but a nice cup of coffee will do just fine.

More ideas for baguette

Cutting the baguette in half on the horizon and adding Sliced Country Ham and good butter is our favorite usage. We choose a Daisy Ham from Pulaski Meat Market and Meadow Butter from Kriemhild Dairy to assemble one of the finest, most sensual of all French sandwiches ~ “Jamon au beurre”.

Bakers Choice

While not a baker, owner Chris Talgo fancies himself a true bread connoisseur, and names the Utica Bread Baguette as his favorite. Keep your eyes open for him strolling the streets of Bagg’s Square, eating a Baguette, in true European fashion…

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