Utica Bread Deli Rye takes approximately 24 hours to produce. It begins with a 100% rye culture that is fed the afternoon before the mixing. A touch of yeast is added to keep things moving as the rye doesn’t like to sit for long periods of time. While many a deli rye in this country uses little to no actual rye flour in the bread, we proudly use 30% whole grain Rye flour from Farmer Ground Flour in Trumansburg, NY.

The addition of caraway to rye breads began many years ago to aid in digestion, and discourage bloating caused by eating large quantities of the bread, as caraway is a natural digestive. We are careful not to overuse the caraway, simply using it to enhance, but not mask the flavor of the rye flour.

Deli Rye has an extended shelf life due in part to the rye culture, higher content of rye flour, and a higher hydration. This is a truly great,all around daily bread for the food lover.


Wheat Flour, Rye Flour, Natural Rye Culture, Commercial Yeast, Water, Salt, Caraway


Batard, Sliced Pan Loaf, Dinner Roll

A Simple usage for deli rye

Obviously, Utica Bread Deli Rye will take your next Pastrami sandwich or Reuben to new heights!  But, the next time you are heading to a party, hollow out a batard and fill it with a dip of sour cream and dill, using the removed bread to dip. You are sure to be invited to all the good parties!

More ideas for deli rye

Such a lovely bread for the cold NYS winter, we love to serve this bread with a nice braise on a snowy night. Pair with your next pot roast, lamb leg or sauerbraten.

We also love to mix this 50/50 with Utica Bread Multigrain for a show-stopping stuffing for your next holiday meal.

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