Utica Bread French Bread line includes French Pan Loaf, French Butter Rolls, and French Dinner Rolls. This is a very approachable line of breads. Utilizing our French dough we practice an overnight bulk fermentation. This builds a nice flavor with a mild acidity. From there this dough can become many things.

One path will take this dough down a longer path of fermentation and flavor development to the baguette and Parisian. The other path will bring us to our French line of breads which posses a soft crumb and a light to medium crust.


Bread Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Salt, Yeast, Watert, Salt


Pan Loaf, Butter Roll, Dinner Roll

A Simple usage for French Bread

French Pan Loaf is our friendly loaf of approachable, mild sandwich bread. It contains a slight tang and toasts quite well. Kids love this loaf as it makes the simple, ubiquitous PB&J! We vote to leave that golden brown crusts attached!

French Butter Rolls have developed a cult following here at Utica Bread. Soft, tangy, and golden crusty all at once, the French Butter Rolls are baked nice and cozy together and are drenched with melted butter before baking (and maybe a little after baking, too…). It’s the ultimate dinner roll, and makes the greatest lil’ turkey sandwich with those Thanksgiving leftovers.

More ideas for French Bread

The sky is the limit with this versatile dough. Stuffing, French toast, bread pudding, Strata, bread crumbs, meatballs or meatloaf, and whatever you desire… this mild bread is a vehicle for whatever you have in mind.

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